Pablo Hernández Mares

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Guadalajara, Mexico

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Pablo Hernández Mares

Pablo Hernández Mares is a journalist based in Guadalajara, Mexico.Proficient in audio and video editing. Specialized in creating multimedia content for science and technology.


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The "Infinite Scuba" project allows ocean exploration through virtual reality.


A survey of Andean bears is being carried out in Bolivia to see if hunting due to retaliation for attacking livestock is affecting their populations.


Boats fishing illegally are depleting fish stocks around Easter Island and releasing large amounts of plastic debris, according to conservationists and community members.


Farmers who grow varieties of corn in Mexico recognize the importance of trees to maintain soil against the advance of deforestation that generates industrialized agriculture.


The destruction of the Tajamar Mangrove in Cancun has put under risk the survival of crocodiles, snakes, herons and plant species in the area, among them, the white mangrove, listed as a threatened species under Mexican law.


In Mexico, jaguars are skinned and their skins sold for trophy hunting. If this trend continues it could be declared extinct in the coming years.

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