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English to Africa Service, Voice of America


PATRICK ONDIEK is a journalist based in Nairobi, Kenya,I joined Ketebul Music in 2006 where i started to build up the studio’s video capabilities. My passion for photography and video began when i was at Pumwani High School – i was always the ‘camera guy’ there, volunteering for any school project which involved photography.  On graduating, i went to shang tao college of media and arts before founding Foxhole Entertainment with some school friends which focused on making videos, studio recording and renting out PA equipment to DJs.
Music has always been a major influence in my life and i grew up listening to Joseph Kamaru and Ochieng’ Nelly but it was on joining Ketebul Music and following the ‘Spotlight Series’ when i began to really love tribal music.  to date i have been able to film different styles of music through the Singing Wells project discovering the music roots of East Africa.
As a project manager and vides director under Ketebul music I have been afforded the freedom to plan my projects yearly in turn enabling me to take on private projects as a freelance videographer.  As such I have had the opportunity to forge long lasting relationship with other media outlets with whom I have worked on various projects with, unrelated to my current label.



Music In Africa is an information and exchange web portal dedicated to the African music sector. The portal responds to the need for reliable information and networking between music professionals in Africa. It also aims to contribute towards improved collaboration among artists on an international level, as well as to enhance awareness of African music scenes.


In the summer of 2014, the Singing Wells Project embarked on a mission to repatriate the music of the Kipsigi People from rift valley Kenya, recorded fifty years ago by Hugh Tracy. Working in association with ILAM and Ketebul Music, we uncovered the fascinating story behind the song Chemirocha


The Singing Wells project (SWP) is a collaboration between Abubilla Music, a record label in London and Ketebul Music in Kenya, a non-profit organisation committed to identifying, preserving and promoting the diverse music traditions of East Africa. The project is supported by our UK charity, The Abubilla Music Foundation. Our goal is to record, archive and share the traditional music of East Africa for two important reasons – to sustain and celebrate the extraordinary cultural music heritage of the region and to help make this legacy relevant and fresh to today’s audiences. As a group of sound and video engineers, producers and musicians, we set out on this mission not to become ‘fossil collectors’ and store the recordings in inaccessible archives. We work with musicians to make sure their music traditions continue to be practiced, can be shared amongst the widest audiences and become a source of inspiration for new musicians


THE RIFT VALLEY FESTIVAL Naivasha – Kenya The Rift Valley Festival or RVF was first established 2010 by brothers Sean and Ivan Ross who were festival and event organisers based between London and Kenya and could see the need for an event to showcase the culture, music and people of this stunning country. At first RVF was formed to create a platform for Kenyan musicians to share their music on an international stage and for the first time in their own country.I have been filming the festival all through the years as video director,camera work and editor.

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