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Documentary DP & Fixer


Documentary Showreel 2020-2021


Zhou Qingfeng has an unusual job: photographing fungi and slime molds. Her mesmerizing time lapses of mushrooms and molds have garnered millions of views—and opened up followers to a whole other world.


Guangbing is a staple bread from the coastal province of Fujian. They're baked fresh every day in wood-fired ovens and cost just 14 cents a piece. We went to Fujian and met one of the last specialty guangbing makers in China.


Misua is a type of noodle from Fujian Province in eastern China, and it can be stretched to over 100 feet. That’s why some people call it the longest noodle in China.


Liu Bolin, a Chinese artist who’s been making himself disappear for over a decade. He’s blended into the Colosseum in Rome, the Louvre in Paris, and the Great Wall in China. His project started as a protest against the demolition of his artist village.


A golden century egg maker in Mianyang, Sichuan Province.


A primary school located in the coastal city of Huludao was thoroughly disinfected on Saturday, as the school braces for a spring semester reopening, after the coronavirus pandemic. The start of the semester was delayed due to the spread of the disease.


Visitors flocked to the Shanghai Botanical garden on hosting the International Flower Show as the COVID-19 restrictions were eased in the city. Footage filmed on Thursday shows people visiting the show featuring hundreds of species.


The Great Wall of China has reopened the Badaling section of the popular attraction after it was closed in January amid coronavirus concerns as footage shot in the outskirts of Beijing on Friday shows.


Masks have become a hot commodity as the Covid-19 coronavirus wreaks havoc around the world. Even before the outbreak, China was already the largest producer of surgical masks. We visit the factory of Sanqi, China’s largest mask manufacturer.

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