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Princess Leia Lucas

*** Princess Leia Lucas® is Trustee, Founder, Chairman and Neuro-scientist of the 6/six trauma recovery foundations under the Princess Leia Lucas® Foundations and Trust. She is also a United States Press Agent, who contacts many major search engines, publications and organizations around the world, in part, through Princess Leia NEWS!®. 

*** Please do SUBMIT YOUR WORK, PERSONAL STORIES AND IMAGES to us,; for FREE PUBLICITY AND ADVERTISING, and possible publication of your work, with your name and credit.



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Princess Leia Lucas® Foundations; International Foundation Of Neuroscience & Brain Technology® ; RIGHTS® Commissions, Rights of Individuals Gathered to Help Together Safely® ; Princess Leia NEWS!® -U.S. Press Agents ; FOSTER®, Foundation Offering Survivors of Trauma Education & Recovery® ; Life Force Recovery®

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About 80% of Human Brain Transmissions are Sub-Conscious, And Can Be Integrated and Transmitted Through Wireless Frequencies


The New Work of Brain Transmissions: to Heal, to Integrate with Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and More...

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