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Rufina Park

Rufina Park is a bilingual (English/Korean) journalist and researcher based in Seoul, South Korea. She was previously a researcher and Asia weekly news writer for the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada and member of the AAJA and worked with organizations such as the Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival, Arirang Radio, SURGE (social innovation in Asia), and the Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency. Currently, she is a freelance journalist working with organizations such as Radio France International, France 24, New York Times T Brand Studio, and Volvo Magazine. She is also the Creative/Editorial Director of Ottiya, an international magazine + platform for new visions in creative learning.

She has experience researching/reporting/translating for topics on the Korean peninsula such as current affairs, politics, technology, social innovation, sports (speed skating), arts and culture, human stories, North Korea, and Korean literature.


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I helped the New York Times T Brand Studio to craft an advertorial for Korean Air from the early stages of scouting the local talent to writing the final copy.

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Live interview re: North Korean nuclear proliferation crisis for France 24


Short op-ed written after BC, Canada announced a $6million budget for a K-12 coding curriculum.


Audio conversation with Doyeon Kim, Founder of an education NGO called "JUMP" in South Korea for the Harvard Alumni for Education


An article exploring South Korea's educational dilemmas and how young social entrepreneurs might provide a solution to the broken education system. Written for the Harvard Kennedy School Review and published in July 2015.


A presentation (in English) on how South Korea is changing their education system to prepare students for the Creative Economy. This presentation is based on a report I wrote on the same topic for the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada in June 2016. The report can be downloaded here:

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