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Saba Shami is a journalist based in Madrid, Spain.

I was graduated from the University of Westminster in London with a Master degree in Economics and Governmental Reform, later I worked at the BBC Media Action there in London,  and as a production assistant at a local film production company called Myriad Global Media. 

Then I moved to Palestine to work as a human rights investigator with the United Nations, where I wrote many articles and published stories about victims of human-right violations by Israeli occupation. In parrelal to that I was involved in short film production training, with Danish Action Aid and Copenhagen Film School, which I then could put in practice and produce or participate in production of short films that highlighted human rights's causes. 

Later I moved to Spain to learn Spanish and did a practical course of  TV presenting and correspondence. I also did a  social journalism course, with El Mundo newspaper, which deals with humanitarian and social  related issues; like refugees, poverty, gender discrimination, development, etc. 

I speak Arabic, English, and Spanish fluently. I also master the skill of storytelling and have produced and published several case studies with  personal  narration. 

I would like to occupy a post in Journalism, ideally production of short documentaries that deal with humanitarian, social, cultural, or medioambiental issues.


Arabic English Spanish

Promo of a Body Pump class at a local gym in Madrid Filmed and edited the video: Saba Shami


Case Study Page 5: In Palestine, use of excessive force by Israeli army especially against children is a big issue. Israeli occupation army use lethal munition against children, usually targeting critical areas like eyes, back, chest, head of a Palestinian child either because of throwing a stone or simply if he is suspected while walking down the street as the case of Asad, a child who was seriously injured while walking nearby the apartheid wall which separates #Jerusalem from Bethlehem on the way to his home. I wrote this case study to be included within the Humanitarian Monitor whilst working as a research analyst at UN OCHA.


A case study about the violence by Israeli settlers against Palestinian farmers who earn their livings by olive harvesting and olive oil production. It illustrate how the Israeli settlers, illegally living in the West Bank on Palestinian land illegally taken over by power limit them from reaching it except for limited hours twice a year once for maintaining the land and another for collecting the harvest, which is by no means sufficient. Not only that, but each time they access their land they get harassed by the settlers, as well as have their olive trees damaged or cut just before the beginning of the harvest. I produced this case study during my work as a Research Analyst at UN OCHA in Palestine.


Little Breadwinners (2014): Directed and filmed the short video about child labor in a dump yard in a remote area in Hebron, Palestine, where children abandoned their schools to collect metals in the dumpsite and sell them to support their poor families. The film was made and published in cooperation with a local NGO. It managed to raise funds for those children to go back to school and enabled their families to establish small projects to support themselves economically.

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