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Said Adam

Said Adam is an IFJ Member, a freelance journalist who broadcast news and works at Canada Arab Press/ Canada Arab Channel TV

Title: Editor-In-Chief /Journalist/ Reporter and proofreader, who Broadcast national and international news in French and Arabic languages in Canada

Said Adam Edit and Broadcast Canada National and International News at Canada Arab Channel TV Based in Oakville City- Ontario. 

Said Adam Edit and Interpret News in Three Languages French Arabic English and vice versa.

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An article analyzing deeply the relationships between Russia and Algeria on the matter in regards to Africa

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الناتو: بيان صحفي. يوم 6 مايو (UPI) - أعلن الأمين العام لحلف الناتو جينس ستولتنبرغ أن أكثر من 20 من الحلفاء والشركاء من أمريكا الشمالية وأوروبا سيشاركون في تمرين الناتو Steadfast Defender 2021 ، الذي سيبدأ هذا الشهر ، وفقًا لما أعلنه الحلف يوم الخميس.

Adam Said Report News at Canada Arab Channel CACTV Please, follow my News at Facebook Page: Canada Arab Channel TV FACEBOOK CANADA ADAM SAID:

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News Editor: CAREER OBJECTIVES I am freelance news editor who play an important role in providing up-to-date news for viewers. In my professional duty I handle tasks of editing news submitted by news writers and broadcast news analysts.

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