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Salma Islam

Salma Islam is a British journalist based permanently in Cairo, Egypt since September 2013 and has seen the change the country has undergone since President Morsi was deposed. She was also present in Cairo in early 2013 and witnessed the huge demonstrations against Morsi in Tahrir Square and was there for the second anniversary of the revolution.

She has written for Egypt's top news outlet in English and her feature on transgender in Egypt was their most clicked story via Facebook when it was published. Her writing has also been republished in the Huffington Post USA.

Salma has a political background and prior to moving to Egypt, was a political consultant working in London, UK.



An Op-Ed republished in Huffington Post (originally written for Egyptian Streets) in the after of the terror attack on the French magazine Charlie Hebdo and the debate about freedom of speech. The article considered the position of Muslims in Europe and the implications of freedom of speech on them.


A feature looking into the challenges that transgender people face in Egypt in order to get gender reassignment surgery. Contrary to what everyone thought – gender reassignment operations in Egypt are legal, are happening in state hospitals, and are done so with the approval of Al-Azhar (Egypt’s foremost Islamic authority).

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