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El vudú, erróneamente relacionado con la brujería y la magia negra, es una religión practicada por más de 30 millones de personas en África Occidental. Debido a las migraciones forzadas por la esclavitud, el vudú llegó a lejanos parajes como Haití, Cuba y Brasil donde aún cuenta con cientos de seguidores.


"Dark Tourist" is a NETFLIX documentary travel TV show, produced by New Zealand company Razor Fumes, where presenter David Farrier goes to unconventional tourist destinations. The 7th episode of the first season takes place in Benin and South Africa. I was the fixer and field producer for the stories filmed in South Africa about car spinning, township tours and the Suidlanders ultra-right group.


A 6 minute TV piece on demining efforts in Angola. 17 years after the end of the civil war, there are still thousands of landmines buried in Angola. their presence still affects the livelihood of thousands of people, and still mutilate claim victims.

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