Samer Libdeh

Samer Libdeh

London, United Kingdom

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Samer Libdeh

Samer Libdeh is a journalist based in London, United Kingdom.
British citizen with over 19 years of political and development & socioeconomic analysis experience in think-tanks, government agencies and media organizations in the US, UK, Europe & Middle East. Have been published in four continents. 
Advanced working experience in strategic communications, press coverage, English & Arabic editing and open source media monitoring


Arabic English

Appeared on large number of TV and Radio channels, including BBC Radio Scotland.


Appeared on a number of TV channels, including BBC Arabic.


Intensive coverage of current affairs issues in the Middle East, including minorities rights issues.



  • Economic crisis and destabilisation in Jordan

    London, United Kingdom Current Affairs April 5 @ 12:00am

    Back to the Arab Spring? Jordan, a country considered to be an oasis of stability in the Middle East, is facing increasing public protests in rural areas. This is due to the imposed taxes on goods by the government aiming to reduce the huge debt (equivalent to %94 of GDP), in accordance with an... Read more

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