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samuel musita

Samuel Musita is a multi media journalist based in Nairobi, Kenya,currently working for  the Kenya broadcasting corporation.With over  ten year years of  working experience in  the media , Samuel Musita ,has  written,voiced,edited translated, copy edited news,features and documentary scripts for Radio Tv and online platforms. He is also done live broadcast of Kenya's Bi cameral parliament .He also does Photography on diverse topics .

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Sample image

This is just an aerial photo that depicts the growth and expansion of Kitengela town in Kajiado county , Kenya.

Sample image

This is a picture , I took of a tractor tilling land in Kitengela ,Kajiado county Kenya.



It might be a new kind of artistry in the entertainment scene in the country but it is gradually picking up, ladies and gentlemen welcome to spoken word. Our reporter Samuel Musita met a spoken word artist at the Kenya national theater and compiled the following story. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// They say necessity is the mother of all inventions. This saying makes sense to Collins Musungu who has seen it all from his Formative years as a youngster in the streets of Nairobi doing manual jobs to fend for himself . Samuel Musita caught up with Collins Musungu Kazungu the brain child behind VIATU NA BEI”,”SIMU NA BEI” Slogan that seems to have changed the way Retail business is done in Nairobi and indeed many towns across East Africa .

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