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Samuel musita is a multi media journalist based in Nairobi, Kenya,currently working with the Kenya broadcasting corporation.Samuel musita has a nine year working experience.In his nine years experience as journalist working in the newsroom,Samuel has written,voiced,edited translated, copy edited news,features and documentary scripts.Samuel musita has done a lot in terms of live and recorded interviews,transcribing , translation of English to Swahili and visa versa.He is a certified radio producer with immense experience in producing special programmes such as features and documentaries.


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It might be a new kind of artistry in the entertainment scene in the country but it is gradually picking up, ladies and gentlemen welcome to spoken word. Our reporter Samuel Musita met a spoken word artist at the Kenya national theater and compiled the following story. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// They say necessity is the mother of all inventions. This saying makes sense to Collins Musungu who has seen it all from his Formative years as a youngster in the streets of Nairobi doing manual jobs to fend for himself . Samuel Musita caught up with Collins Musungu Kazungu the brain child behind VIATU NA BEI”,”SIMU NA BEI” Slogan that seems to have changed the way Retail business is done in Nairobi and indeed many towns across East Africa .


The campaign is based on the oath they take commonly known as Hippocratic oath. The dictionary defines it as an oath of ethical professional behavior sworn by new physicians, attributed to Hippocrates but thought to have been written by a student or contemporary. Like some of the proverbs that have been overtaken by events, I feel the Oath need to be re looked , because in Kenya for instant it’s floating. Doctors and Nurses are people or workers like you , I mean , they have ambition , targets ,wishes an all that a human being will need while living on earth .How therefore can they allow a simple oath to dictate their life beyond their career?. Should taking an oath be an impediment to one achieving their lifelong goals?

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