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Sanjay Pandey

I am a multi-platform journalist with work published in different Indian and international media outlets, including Aljazeera English, DW, Friday Magazine, Barcroft TV and The Sun. I also take up fixing assignments and work with international journalists with their projects in Indian subcontinent. Have worked as a Desk Editor with Reuters and The Telegraph. I am trained in writing, editing, planning and prioritizing content for online, broadcast, radio and print media.


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At 15, Sushma Verma might be India’s youngest postgraduate, but she tells Sanjay Pandey that she has many more dreams to realise


In May, India's parliament passed the India-Bangladesh Land Boundary Agreement (LBA), ending a 40-year political deadlock and paving the way for statehood for the 50,000 stateless people living in the 166 enclaves, counter-enclaves, and counter-counter enclaves in India's Cooch Behar and Bangladesh's Rangpur districts. (Bangladesh's parliament approved the agreement soon after Prime Minister Muzibur Rahman signed it — in 1974.)


In Kolkata, one of India's most polluted metro areas, a taxi driver has turned his car into a tiny, mobile garden. He hopes that Indians planting more greenery will lead to everyone enjoying an unpolluted, safe, clean world. From video journalist Sanjay Pandey in India.

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