Shantanu Ray

Shantanu Ray

New Delhi, India

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Shantanu Ray

Shantanu Ray is a Wharton-trained, award winning journalist based in New Delhi, India. He primarily works for the Central European News (CEN), which is headquartered in Vienna, but also reports for a few Indian and international news organisations. He specialises in breaking news, investigations, human interest, sports and economic news features. His second book, titled Fixed, is on cricket's illegal cash and has hit the stands recently.





  • Home for the Dead

    New Delhi, India Current Affairs January 31 @ 12:00am

    Close to India's most sacred Ganges river lies a home where many come to stay for a 90 day period. The condition of their stay: They must die within the stipulated period. Hindus believe if they die in Varanasi, considered among the most ancient cities in the world, there will be no rebirth. I have... Read more

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