First visit to my old primary school's grounds in years? Of course it would be to place my vote. Somehow ended up spending 10 minutes explaining why people were insisting on voting with a black pen instead of a pencil. Only in Royal Leamington Spa.


Qandeel Baloch was like any other 26-year-old woman. Confident, courageous and ambitious model and actress Qandeel strove to be outspoken in her native Pakistan and refused to accept that her behaviour should be policed by default – but this progressive perspective would ultimately cost her her life. Her death hit the headlines this week when her own brother proudly admitted drugging and strangling her because he felt she was damaging her family’s reputation with her controversial social media posts expressing her sexuality in sometimes risqué ways that angered religious conservatives. Unsurprisingly, Qandeel’s brother showed no shame at all for his actions, for he believed his honour – and the honour of his family – was still intact. The press referred to it as an “honour killing”.


Ever wondered how some normal people have over 1,000 followers on Twitter? Thinking of using various apps to gain followers? Well the good news is, you don't have to.


The music video for 'Can't Remember' To Forget You' may have only been online for the past five days, but that's made no difference whatsoever to the fact that it's already racked up an impressive sixty-five million views on YouTube already.


Ladies... It's official, TGT are finally coming to the UK! In news that will no doubt delight their dedicated female fans (cue the screams, heart palpitations and inability to contain excitement), R&B supergroup TGT, have announced they will be touring the UK in March of this year, performing two exclusive dates across the country, with one more thought to be announced in due course.


If you're like me, you'll understand how Facebook can be a wonder and quite equally a bane to one's life. Clueless as how to manage the new 'Timeline' layout? Want to restrict who can see your posts? Determined to get rid of that embarrassing photo for good? Then this quick guide is for you.


All things must eventually come to an end… and superstar Beyoncé ended her 132 date, year-long Mrs Carter Show World Tour last week. I know, I know, how on earth will we ever go on? *wipes tears* I don't even know myself… but in all seriousness, I know she'll be back with another tour soon. Sooner than most of us all think, so it's not a total loss.


Interview with X Factor alumni Rough Copy, first seen on Yahoo! Celebrity UK.


Interview with Trey Songz, where we talk about his album 'Trigga', romance and recent lies, first seen exclusively on Yahoo! Celebrity UK.


They say a picture tells a thousand words, but this one tells a million. Aylan Kurdi, that's his name. That's the name of the three-year-old Syrian boy whose small, lifeless body, dressed simply in a t-shirt and shorts, was sprawled across the front pages of almost every single...


Living in a society run by the media, where every single action, view, or opinion can be documented extensively and quickly on social networks, arguably has its flaws, and this week alone, has been a key example of that. On Tuesday, the world was thrown into uproar after militants of...


Monday it was Sydney; yesterday it was Peshawar, and tomorrow, is could be anyone or anywhere else. Pessimism doesn't do anyone any favours when it comes to perception of the future, but in this case, I feel as if it's not entirely pessimistic as it's the truth.

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