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Shou Yi Daniel Ceng

Daniel Ceng Shou Yi is a photojournalist currently based in Taipei, Taiwan. He covers issues of all kinds including politics, health, social issues, conflicts, protests and others. Pieces of his work have been published on international news outlets such as the BBC, The Guardian, Time, The Wall Street Journal and others.

Born in Hong Kong in 1999, Daniel Ceng has been educated in the city for 17 years and developed a great interest in photography, particularly in photojournalism, mainly around human right issues, conflicts and protests. He also manages to use English, Cantonese and Mandarin in a practical manner.

In 2020, which was the time that Daniel was a freelancer, he went to India with a plan to cover the nationwide protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act and National Register of Citizens, which are legislations that could place muslims' fundamental and rights at risk.

With this photo coverage, Daniel was awarded 3 prizes in the Tokyo International Foto Awards 2020, including Silver in Editorial/Political, Silver in Editorial/General News, Silver in Editorial/Conflict. And later in 2021, with the same story, Daniel scored a 2nd place under the Series Photo Category in the Taiwan Press Photo Contest 2021.

Daniel believes that it is not simply the obligation for a photojournalist to communicate issues and people that matter through photojournalism. 

It is also that, by reporting and recording aspects of everyday life, people will get to recognise and remember things and people that are really valuable and to value them.

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