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Ramallah, Palestine

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Silvia Boarini

Silvia is an Italian photographer, writer and video maker based in West Asia. She studied photojournalism at the LCC in London and gained an MSc International Politics (Distinction) from SOAS. Silvia's photographs and articles have been published by outlets such as Al Jazeera English, Repubblica,, Nigrizia, Narcomafie, You Magazine (Daily Mail), Daily Mirror, The Telegraph, D di Donna, BBC, Vanity Fair Italia, IPS News, Taz and Middle East Eye. Silvia specialises in news and features from Israel and Palestine.


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In Pictures: Bedouin face Israeli demolitions Bedouin home demolitions in Israel have increased, as the state plans to displace up to 40,000 citizens.


Gaza industries reel under Israeli bombings Palestinians estimate that 250 factories and construction sites have been damaged by Israeli fire in the Gaza Strip.


A new revolution in Australia Indigenous Australians are regrouping after more than two centuries as the socially disadvantaged 'other' people.


Khan: Threatened by political archaeology Although West Bank site is protected by international law, Israeli settlers use archaeology as 'tool of dispossession'.


Photostory: Aboriginal activist Jenny Munro, a 59-year-old Wiradjuri woman, set up The Aboriginal Tent Embassy in the inner-city suburb of Redfern on May 26, 2014, to protest the Aboriginal Housing Company's (AHC) commercial development plans for the site.


Photostory: Skate Culture in Qalqiliya. It was 2013 when Qalqilya's skate ramp, the first in occupied Palestine, finally opened. Built and designed by the Dubai-based art organisation Tashkeel on land donated by the municipality, the ramp quickly became the natural home of the X-Games Team, a group of young people with a shared passion for rollerblading, skating and parkour.


Photostory: London, United Kingdom - A number of innovative projects are tackling a growing global concern: food waste. The Brixton People's Kitchen pop-up events and Save The Date cafe in east London are both part of a new worldwide trend of "pay-as-you-feel" meals prepared from food destined for landfills.


Palestine hosts UAE in historic football match. Thousands of supporters cheered both sides despite the heat and dust-filled air as football returned to the region. On September 8, Palestine's national football team hosted its third World Cup qualifier on Palestinian territory - which has been under Israeli military occupation since 1967 - against the United Arab Emirates in this Jerusalem suburb's Faisal Husseini International Stadium.


Australia’s ‘Stolen Generations’ Not a Closed Chapter


Stop Food Waste – Cook It and Eat It: The Real Junk Food Project, working to stop food waste since 2013.


Palestinian women undergo IVF treatment to conceive babies with sperm smuggled from the Israeli prisons in which their husbands are held.


Civil Society and Politics March for Negev Bedouin Recognition


Negev Bedouin Resist Israeli Demolitions “To Show We Exist”


The one and only Keffiyah factory in Palestine. Caught between conflict and neoliberal markets.


Israel's settlement construction goes on unchecked.


The Palestine Circus School, challenging stereotypes about Palestine.


The Real Junk Food Project has been turning food destined to waste into delicious meals since 2013.


Inas is an 18 year old from Gaza. A year after the war she sits her high school exams, but what does the future have in store for her?

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This is from a story I shot for Al Jazeera English ( It documents the demolition, by the Israeli army, of a Palestinian protest camp set in Abu Dis to oppose Israel's plans for the so called E1 corridor, which encompasses the disputed city of Jerusalem.

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This is from a story for Al Jazeera English on refugee artists working in Amman, Jordan ( Refugee impact is usually talked about in negative terms but what about the positive impact that many refugees have on the cultural production of the host country? Meet some of the artists, from Palestine, Iraq and Lebanon, who contribute to make the Amman art scene one of the most thriving in the Middle East.


'Blooming the Negev' (new title) is a documentary I have been working on since 2012. It explores the conflict between state and Bedouins in the Negev, Israel. The film is now in post-production.

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