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Solomon Ojochegbe Shaibu

Solomon Ojochegbe Shaibu is a journalist based in Kaduna, Nigeria, a passionate cinematographer and director par excellent who started brooding his brand since 2005, mentored during his early days by Way Media.

As a cinematographer and a passionate filmmaker,
I use my art to tell stories that will effect positive change.

English Hausa

"Every artist writes his own autobiography." Clement is writing his.


Committed to making you smile. Service to God and Humanity.


21 years of consistently coaching a local football team with over 4 team players playing internationally now, the story of this coach will keep you on your toes.


Learning is never cumulative, it is a movement of knowing, which has no beginning and no end. "Bruce Lee" New documentary film for Potter's Alumni. These young adults are grateful they are products of Potter's Berean Christian Academy.


The Blackout is not Africa. The blackout is those who have fears and see no tomorrow. -Dchef


he documentary of PA Olusegun Benjamin directed by Solomon Ojochegbe Shaibu


Your dream is an expression. A dream is a ticket to really live, a recipe used to cook meal of greatness but only those who fight properly can eat their dreams without a flick of fear.


Highlight from our recent documentary shoot in Gui for SheNation. Directed by Pwaashino and Solomon Ojochegbe Shaibu Edited by SOS and Pwaashino Coloured by Pwaashino Production House: Fireworks


Excerpts from the Pollination Project funded Adolescent Hub Program implemented by Gender Mobile


To live a creative life, we must first loose our fear of being wronged and destructively criticized. And so, I and my friend Rymboxx did a commercial for Coca Cola for the love of story telling.


No walls too high


This video is a reflection of what most young creatives and entrepreneurs in Nigeria go through. Because I have been there, and I could remember how I felt that I couldn't start on my own. An independent commercial for google.


A good body tells of a good mind. To keep advancing, we must pay attention to our total well being


Documentary work for y4y foundation, neem foundation and mind over matter on Mental Health Advocacy.


This video examines emerging issues on sexual harassment in environments of learning in Nigeria such as diffusion of power hierarchies, abuse of power, regulation of social relations and support for academically challenged students.

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