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[THE WASHINGTON TIMES] When a group of men approached Abdul Rahman Gazi in early December and offered him help in securing government benefits, including state-subsidized housing, to attend a Hindu religious ceremony in Agra, the Muslim ragpicker was happy to oblige.


[USA TODAY] A cross-country account of recent Afghanistan earthquakes in collaboration with another journalist from Pakistan.


[USA TODAY] As the death toll in a relentless, weeks-long heat wave in India climbed to more than 1,800 on Friday, officials raced to contain the danger, pleading in vain for residents to stay inside.


[THE WASHINGTON TIMES] Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi won office in May 2014 with an Obama-style “hope and change” message, promising to improve his country’s notoriously backward business climate and boost its underwhelming image on the world stage. But now, many here feel as if the 65-year-old former provincial governor has failed to deliver on his promised reforms, while his pro-Hindu stance has stoked sectarian tensions and tarnished the country’s international reputation.


[THE WASHINGTON TIMES] A brief account of fear in minds of South Asian people if Donald Trump becomes the next US President. A collaborative report with two other Journalists.


[THE WASHINGTON TIMES] A crackdown on private activist groups, especially Western and Christian organizations, has many here worried that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is selectively targeting organizations that don’t fit into his nationalist vision of India emphasizing Hinduism.

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