Steven Savage

Steven Savage

New York, United States of America

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Steven Savage

Steven Savage is a journalist based in Newark, NJ, United States.  He is capable of covering events in NYC and Northern New Jersey on short notice.  He is an experienced former New York and New Jersey-based criminal defense attorney who has significant broadcast and audio experience.  He is also a graduate of the United States Defense Information School (DINFOS) and is adept at both written and recorded audio stories.  He can also provide limited photojournalism services.



Excerpt from an interview I did with 86-year-old Margy Walsh, an active and interesting senior who travels the world and seems to possess boundless energy.

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Students from Gregory Elementary School (West Orange, NJ) team up with several nonprofit organizations to create a road tattoo in the Arts District in Orange, New Jersey on June 23, 2016.

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Gregory Elementary School celebrates Veterans Day 2015 with a blacktop ceremony.

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