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Harare, Zimbabwe

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Tawanda Majoni

Tawanda Majoni is a multi-media journalist based in Harare, Zimbabwe, with more than 15 years as an international and local reporter/editor focusing on politics, business and news analysis. Writing in English, he is also a columnist with various publications and the national coordinator at and founder of Information for Development Trust (IDT), a non-profit organisation currently working on an investigative journalism project targeting public sector corruption. Tawanda is also a media mentor.




A feature article on how rural farmers are trying to cope with the adverse effects of drought


A news analysis on the role of the ruling elite in massive diamond leakages in Zimbabwe


A development in-depth feature exploring how rural smallholder farmers are building resilience to climate change and variability by adopting new livelihoods


A political analysis of the dynamics around war veterans who are burdened with increasing disillusionment with a long time leader, President Robert Mugabe, who led them during an anti-colonial war but whose popularity is waning fast for clinging onto power for too long amidst a political-economic crisis.


This is an op-ed piece analysing the constraints of a constitutional anti-corruption commission in investigating graft in the diamond mining sub-sector where the ruling elite is heavily involved


This story explores the underworld dog-eat-dog wars among cigarette manufacturers and illicit dealings

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