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Toby Hill

Toby Hill is a freelance journalist based in Asuncion, Paraguay, covering social, political and environmental issues. He was previously based in Bolivia, where he wrote on indigneous activism for the Guardian and the country's gridlocked prison system for OpenDemocracy, among many other themes.



Land is Paraguay's main source of wealth. The country's entrenched political elite work hand-in-hand to with international agribusiness to take control of it, displacing the rural poor and driving a cycle of violence and repression. In the face of assassinations and coups, land activists are fighting back.


Report for the Guardian from the Bolivian Chaco, exposing tensions between indigenous rights and the Morales government's turn towards extractivist policies.


Economic deprivation and cultural machismo combine to make teenage girls in the east of Paraguay highly vulnerable. In the heart of a tropical forest, several women have come together to found a school for girls, aiming to teach their students the professional skills to escape lives of exploitation.


Global demand for soy and cattle is driving the world's highest deforestation rate in the remote Paraguayan Chaco. Indigenous communities, seeing their livelihoods destroyed, are working with NGOs and lawyers to try and fight back.

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