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London, United Kingdom

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Tom Pears

Tom Pears is a food and drinks journalist based in London, United Kingdom.

I have worked in the Beer industry in the UK for a number of years now, culminating in becoming a member of the UK judging panel at the World Beer Awards earlier this year. I am also a craft beer influencer on Instagram (@tom_tappd) and have over 4.5k followers worldwide.

I have wrote in a variety of fields, as well as pieces on beer, I have written restaurant reviews, listicles features and long form copy.



A feature for about the variety of ways that breweries both big and small are looking to lower their carbon footprint.


A piece for Ferment on how mid-size UK breweries are attempting to adapt to the rise of craft beer.


A long form piece on the history of the Saison beer style for craft beer magazine Ferment.

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