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Tom Pears

Tom Pears is a food and drinks journalist based in London, United Kingdom.

I have worked in the Beer industry in the UK for a number of years now, culminating in becoming a member of the UK judging panel at the World Beer Awards earlier this year. I am also a craft beer influencer on Instagram (@tom_tappd) and have over 6.5k followers worldwide.

I have wrote in a variety of fields, as well as pieces on beer, I have written restaurant reviews, listicles features and long form copy.



A feature for Euronews in which I explore the recent boom in hop farming across Europe and the UK, and the future for Hop farmers globally.


An article for Euronews on the rise of Eastern European Craft Beer.


An article for Euronews about the rise in prominence of Orange wines, exploring why their popularity has risen in recent times but also the history behind the style.


A Euronews piece on another potential Prosecco shortage. And the race against time as scientists struggle to find ways to lessen the impact over-farming is having, as farmers struggle to meet demand for the grape.


A feature for Euronews exploring the rise in prominence of foraging in the production of beer, all over the globe.


A feature for about the variety of ways that breweries both big and small are looking to lower their carbon footprint.


A short Designmynight restaurant review of a pizza pop up in London.


A piece for Ferment on how mid-size UK breweries are attempting to adapt to the rise of craft beer.


A restaurant review for


A long form piece on the history of the Saison beer style for craft beer magazine Ferment.

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