Tracy Lee

Tracy Lee is a multimedia journalist based in New York, United States of America. She has previously worked as a breaking news reporter in New York City, UN Headquarters and Brazil's Rio. She was most recently a breaking news reporter for Newsweek. In 2018, Tracy Lee finished a documentary episode on national security examining the balance between the State Department and the Department of Defense for the Foreign Policy Association's Great Decisions documentary series, which was a part of a docuseries that she contributed to. Over the last few years, Tracy Lee has covered a series of in-depth human interest stories in Brazil with highlighted work during the massive 2013 protests, and the fallout from the 2014 World Cup and 2017 Olympics in Rio’s communities. Previously, she has reported inside UN Headquarters on stories ranging from the 2010 Haiti Earthquake to the impact of the Arab Spring. In the past, she has covered local NYC breaking news for NY1.


English In light of Parkland, I wanted to do a story looking at what can be done from the perspective of emergency responders and teachers. A powerful story told through emergency responders on different sides of the country with experience in mass shootings. A school shooting in a small town in South Carolina impacted a local responder, who created "Jacob's Kit" as an emergency kit with tourniquets for schools in the area. It is his hope that it expands to schools throughout the nation. I also spoke with a trauma surgeon who dealt with the aftermath of Las Vegas and is working to implement a state-wide policy change.


AP for a docuseries that aired on PBS in 2018 covering challenges that America tackles. The 2018 series features over 100 of the most important figures in international affairs including Gen. Stanley McChrystal, Sec. Madeleine Albright, Sen. Christopher Coons, Gen Michael Hayden, and Chuck Hagel


American Finds a Carioca Heart in Rio's Favelas Through Funk Music


As the world marvels at the shiny soccer stadiums from Rio to Recife, a working class hero dons a mask and cape and battles for the people.

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