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Umar Farooq

Umar Farooq is a journalist based in Istanbul, Turkey.  He reports regularly for the Los Angeles Times from the region.  In the past year, his work has also appeared in Foreign Affairs, National Geographic, The Guardian, Boston Review, and The Nation.  

He received a Pulitzer Center Crisis Reporting Grant in 2017 to report from Pakistan's tribal areas.  In 2018, he received a grant from the National Geographic Society to report from Afghanistan, Turkey, and Germany on the plight of Afghan refugees. 

He has reported from Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Syria, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Mexico, and the US.  His work has also appeared in the Wall St Journal, Foreign Policy, the Christian Science Monitor, the Globe and Mail, IRIN News, and Al Jazeera English.

Umar speaks fluent Urdu, and intermediate Arabic and Turkish.

He was born in Pakistan, and raised in the United States.


Arabic English Turkish Urdu

Turkey puts down roots in a corner of war-torn Syria The Los Angeles Times. A report from Syria on what locals think of the future of the Turkish controlled corner of the country.


How War Altered Pakistan's Tribal Areas For Foreign Affairs. A report from Pakistan's tribal areas on how displacement and conflict have prompted locals to call for bringing the region under legal control.


The Hunted For Foreign Policy. An investigative report on a Russian-Uzbek assignation team sent to eliminate dissidents in Turkey.


Will Istanbul's Massive New Canal Be an Environmental Disaster? For National Geographic.

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