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Umberto Aguiar

"Umberto Aguiar is an excellent cameraman who consistently produces touching, well-told visual stories. I observed that he was a self-starter who required minimal supervision.  In my two years of working alongside him at our London office, i found him to be congenial and well-liked by his peers." 
Luis Ramirez, awards-winning  reporter, Voice of America, Washington DC. 

I am a all-rounder TV cameraman and editor based in London, UK. 

 I have shot and/or edited news, current affairs, documentaries and corporate videos.  I worked for CNN, CNBC Europe, Associated Press, USAGM, France 2 (French state TV), NRK (Norwegian state TV), TVs from France, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Middle East countries. 

The very first camera I worked with was a 11 kg Betacam BVP 5 and the  last camera I worked with was an iPhone 11 Pro  (309 grams with body armour). In other words, I am a cameraman first, last and always. 
Give me any tool to work with  and I will make good images. 

My kit:
Blackmagic Ursa Broadcast with Fujinon 4 K lens
JVC HM 850 with Fujinon HD lens. 
iPhone 11 Pro
Basic lighting kit
Wireless and wired microphones
iMac and MacBook Pro 16"  2020 with Final Cut X and DaVinci Resolve

The  JVC camera/Mac/Final Cut X  interface makes for the fastest  news editing system in the market whilst providing  broadcast quality. 

I have access to a liveU  with 24 hours notice and have shot live broadcasts with liveU whilst working for Associated Press and TVs from Norway, Netherlands, USA. I’ve also shot about 400 live broadcasts via fibre whilst working for one of USAGM’s networks. 

Fluent in English and Portuguese
Working knowledge of French and Spanish

BA in radio and TV from UnB, a leading university in Brazil.

I have here a few samples of interviews that I shot on my own, without a reporter or producer. The first one is an interview with the former Amnesty International's Secretary in 2018 (He stepped down following medical advice in December 2019) is part of a news story about mass murders during and after the Iranian revolution. I shot it for Associated Press. The second interview is with a professor at the LSE who won an award back in 2010 because of his work on climate change. I shot it for a Spanish TV. The last ones are Vox pops for NRK, the Norwegian state TV, in 2018 and 2019.


This is a news story I shot and edited for a Spanish TV working with the reporter Eva Millán. It is about the snowfall in London back in February 2009. I shot it 4x3 and used a tape based camera.


This video is a sample of some of the many live broadcasts I shot with my JVC HM 850 whilst working with a very dynamic reporter from NRK, the Norwegian state TV, during the UK general election in December 2019. I have access to a liveU with 24 hours notice.


When I first met Graeme he was playing at Sloane Square. He told me that when he is playing in the street and children pass by they normally look very surprised as they had never seen a saxophone before! This video was the first cut of a personal project about music in the streets that I shot and edited.


This short doc shows a woman from the Yanomami tribe in Brazil in the complete process of making beiju, a mandioca based food. I did only the editing, I didn't shoot this video. It was still tape based. I received the award for best editing at the 25th Guarnice do Maranhao, a national film and video festival in Brazil.


This is a sample of a currrent affairs story that I shot for NRK, the Norwegian state TV ( State TVs are the best TVs in Europe). I also edited it following the instructions of the reporter.


Donovan Ransome reads a poem by W.B. Yeats written in 1892. This is one my favourite poems. I shot it with the JVC HM 850, which I believe is the most versatile camera in the market and also an excellent news camera which has perfect interface with Final Cut X, the fastest editing platform for news.


The Sugar Sisters are three wonderful young ladies who sing songs from the golden era of radio, when a good voice was what really mattered. Ruby Wood, Stac and Heather McClelland were singing in Portobello road when I first saw them. I shot the video with a JVC HM 700 and Samsung Galaxy K Zoom phone


This video is a compilation of my work in Brazil ( where I started my career) operating Sony Betacam cameras ( tape based cameras)


Jane Bristowe is an English linocut artist who lives and works in London. What I like more about her work is that the animals look so happy in their linocuts. I shot the video with my phone at the time, the amazing Samsung Galaxy K zoom.


“Spring in Benghazi” is a different kind of Spring. It is the Spring of sewing machines, internet and good old printing press machines. I’ve shot news, documentaries and corporate videos but doing news, in Benghazi, I could feel the truth of Mark Twain’s words: “news is history in its first and best form, its vivid and fascinating form.”


I have here three examples of live broadcasts that I shot whilst working as a freelancer for Associated Press, using their liveU and my camera, a JVC 660. I edited and stylised the footage. It was all live apart from about half of the third example.


Sample of my news camerawork at the London office of France 2. It was long ago and images were 4:3, tape based

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