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Una Cilic

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Prague, Czech Republic

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Una Cilic

Una Cilic is a multimedia journalist, currently based in Czech Republic.



Video from Human Library event held in Lund, Sweden in June 2016. Participants told their stories about the experiences from their everyday and living as a LGBT in Russia, life of a person with walking disability in Syria and stories from a journalist covering war in Syria.

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Human Rights Forum in Malmo, Sweden in November, 2016.

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The opening ceremony of European Youth Event, Strasbourg, France, taken in May 2016.


Working on topics such as media development, user generated content, audience engagement, verification and fact checking, human rights with a focus on Roma minority, civic engagement. Published at: MC Online, Institute for War and Peace Reporting, The Local, Kosovo 2.0, Roma Transitions, Diskriminacija.ba.

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Grafitti on a war destroyed building in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Graffiti was created during Street Arts Festival, held in May every year. http://media.ba/bs/magazin-novinarstvo/oslikavanjem-rusevina-do-drugacijeg-mostara

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