Will Tizard

Will Tizard is a travel and business journalist and documentarian based in Prague, Czech Republic. He covers the film sector in Central and Eastern Europe for Variety and writes about the arts and culture for Time Out, National Geographic guides and Louis Vuitton.
With more than 20 years' experience in all stripes of journalism, including extensive editing work and a stint as managing editor of The Prague Post, he is equally at home creating color profiles or penning work on politics, society, music or dining.
He is also a videographer and producer for news and travel video reports and audio pieces.


Czech English

Survey of Prague's best beery options for connoiseurs.


A fond reflection on the influence of a major light of the Czech New Wave.


Teaser for the upcoming feature documentary "Buried," the quest to take back from Russia hundreds of Torah scrolls stolen by the Red Army during WWII.

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