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    Josephine McKenna
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    The Vatican Key Keeper

    Roma, Italy Cultural 31 May 2017

    Millions of art lovers visit the Vatican Museums every year. But Gianni Crea holds the keys to the pope's priceless art treasures. He carries nearly 3000 keys that open the doors to the rooms and corridors that are filled with the world's most stunning masterpieces by Michelangelo, Raphael, Perugino... Read more

  • freelancer journalist at egypt

    Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt Current Affairs 01 Jun 2017

    hello i hope that every thing with all of you are fine. iam Bola 28 years old from egypt , iam working as a freelancer journalist and fixer for foreigners journalists at egypt i am searching for new assignments m and i hope to find something interesting to do together . i introduce myself to... Read more

  • Scotlad rugby

    Dunblane, United Kingdom Sports 01 Jun 2017

    This summer, the Scotland rugby team travel to play Italy in Singapore, Australia in Sydney and Fiji in Suva. As one of the most experienced rugby journalists based in Scotland, I will be travelling with the tour and can offer written and/or audio coverage. I already have a number of orders, but... Read more

  • Photo of Nambi Catherine Mildred
    Nambi Catherine Mildred
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    Ugandan traders using DRC to access Soth Sudan

    Kampala, Uganda Business, Current Affairs, Social 01 Jun 2017

    Ugandan traders have found a new route in Democratic Republic of Congo which they are using to access the western part of South Sudan. The traders were using Oraba-Yei-Juba road but it has become insecure as rebels stage road blocks. South Sudan is a major export destination for Uganda but the... Read more

  • Proposed Budget Cuts Giving You Cancer? Doctors in Rural Senegal Share Their Findings

    Dakar, Senegal Current Affairs, Science & Environment, Health & Fitness, Medical 01 Jun 2017

    The World Cancer Research Fund ranks Africa as home to the most cervical cancer cases in the world. Despite being highly preventable, cervical cancer in Senegal ranks 15th in the world. To combat the disease, one doctor and his team have gone to southern Senegal to provide rural communities their... Read more

  • Photo of Hernán Crespo
    Hernán Crespo
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    Asylum seekers test the 'walls' of Spain's enclaves in Northern Africa

    Madrid, Spain Politics, Current Affairs, Social 01 Jun 2017

    Completely surrounded by Moroccan territory, the enclaves of Melilla and Ceuta are the only two permanently inhabited Spanish cities in mainland Africa. Both territories have attracted, in the past years, both illegal immigrants and asylum seekers from African countries looking for an entry to the... Read more

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    ISIS expansion in Mauritania

    Mauritania Politics 30 Jun 2017

    Mauritanian blogger Mohamed Sheikh Ould Mkheitir was sentenced to death for apostasy in December 2014 by the Tribunal de Nouadhibou in northern Mauritania. The Nouadhibou Court of Appeal confirmed this decision in April 2016. But the Mauritanian Supreme Court referred the case to the Court of... Read more

  • The status of the EU students in UK universities after Brexit

    London, United Kingdom Current Affairs 30 Jun 2017

    European students pay the same tuition fees as UK students to UK high education institutions which are 50% lower than international student fees. But what will happen after the UK-EU divorce? Will EU students continue to have these privileges? Based on an initial research, many EU students express... Read more

  • Photo of Christina Bucher
    Christina Bucher
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    Obese Woman Celebrates a 12-Year Mark of Her Gastric Bypass Surgery by Keeping the Weight Off

    London, United Kingdom Health & Fitness 30 Jun 2017

    Teaser At 60, woman is happy to be alive and healthy 12 years after having weight loss surgery Story details When the nurse asked me to step on one of those big scales with huge numbers placed in the waiting room, I simply refused it. It was pointless weighting me. I was there because of... Read more

  • Photo of Christina Bucher
    Christina Bucher
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    London, United Kingdom Paranormal 30 Jun 2017

    Teaser Professor of Psychology and reknown researcher on children's reincarnation talks about one of his best cases Story details It was September 1996 when I first went to Sri Lanka to meet the girl’s parents. They lived in a small town called Bakamuna. I was investigating cases of children... Read more

  • Slovakia's strategy on multi-speed Europe

    Bratislava, Slovakia Current Affairs 30 Jun 2017

    Small and export-dependent Slovakia, the only Euro-zone member from the Visegrad 4, has always cared to be close to the EU mainstream, but when the country's government decided to back other Visegrad countries in their anti-migrant campaign it was labeled a troublemaker. Now, after the agreement of... Read more

  • Interview with Slovak president Andrej Kiska

    Bratislava, Slovakia Current Affairs 30 Jun 2017

    My idea is to have a sit-down with Slovakia’s president Andrej Kiska, who is, basically, the only leader in the Visegrad with more understanding standpoint on migration, and with unusual (for Slovakia) distance for Russia. I’d be curious how Kiska’s liberal views reflect rather conservative popular... Read more

  • Poland on Brexit

    Warszawa, Poland Current Affairs 30 Jun 2017

    The Poles are the second biggest minority in the UK, and although there is no yet any clear plan how to do Brexit in practice, this is a clear challenge for Poles, their studies, families and companies. In the last years, many Poles became victims of anti-Polish hate crimes. I would talk with some... Read more

  • Hungarian investigative journalism on a roll

    Budapest, Hungary Current Affairs 30 Jun 2017

    A curious paradox is that illiberal policy of Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orbán contributed to a revival of investigative journalism in the country. The government has been sharing a visible distrust to independent media, having subordinated the local media market to its political goals by... Read more

  • Polish humanitarian workers in Syria

    Warszawa, Poland Current Affairs 30 Jun 2017

    While Poland as a country is barely present in Syrian crisis, refusing to take a single refugee and offering very limited aid for Syria, Polish humanitarian workers have been involved in helping the Syrians from the very beginning. I would talk to representatives of two most important Polish... Read more

  • The Finnish product that will replace plastic

    Helsinki, Finland Science & Environment 30 Jun 2017

    The Sulapac innovation is based on woodchip and natural adhesive and it's completely biodegradable. It intends to change the dominance of plastic in the world of packaging and compete in the same market as plastic. This year Sulapac has already collected one million euros in funding. It was... Read more

  • Photo of Hernán Crespo
    Hernán Crespo
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    Trump resistance groups continue to form across Europe

    Madrid, Spain Politics, Current Affairs, Investigative Reporting, Social 30 Jun 2017

    MADRID - From Madrid to Warsaw, expatriates from the United States together with concerned Europeans organize to oppose the 45th American President thousands of kilometers from the White House. Learning lessons from the Tea Party and their actions against the government of Barrack Obama, these... Read more

  • Photo of Hernán Crespo
    Hernán Crespo
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    European citizens not so polarized towards refugees, polls suggest

    Madrid, Spain Politics, Current Affairs, Research, Social 30 Jun 2017

    While the political arena shows a deep division regarding the openness of Europe towards migrants, studies evince a different reality among it’s citizens. Germany, the UK and Spain are among the leaders in indexes for most welcoming populations for asylum seekers. Private donors from Spain and The... Read more

  • Photo of Julian Jackson
    Julian Jackson
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    Lee Miller - from surrealism to war and back again

    London, United Kingdom Cultural 30 Jun 2017

    Lee Miller - Vogue model, surrealist muse, and one of the first female war correspondents, she led an astounding life, and has now been almost forgotten. Born in Poughkeepsie, New York in 1907, she was an amazing woman who led an incredible life, then drifted into obscurity: a 1920's supermodel,... Read more

  • Moussa Castle: A single-handed miracle

    Beirut, Lebanon Film & Theatre, Cultural 01 Jul 2017

    When Moussa's teacher asked him to draw his dream, he sketched a castle. The teacher ripped the drawing into pieces and told him he was good for nothing. Having been mocked by his teacher, friends and girlfriend, Moussa was determined to prove everyone wrong. Over 21,900 days, Moussa completed with... Read more

  • Under 18 world youth championship

    Nairobi, Kenya Sports 17 Jul 2017

    Under 18 world youth championship will begin in the capital of Nairobi on the day of 12 Wednesday ,on month of July year 2017 at Safaricom international stadium in Kenya. For live sports interviews and reporting Via mobile back packs and satellite. pleas contact us via paydesk for the service. Read more

  • Solar PV waste could earn the world $15 billion when recycled

    Nairobi, Kenya Science & Environment 17 Jul 2017

    As adoption of renewable energy sources continue to grow worldwide, the of total e-waste from solar photovoltaic panels is projected to hit 78 million metric tonnes by the year 2050 up from an estimated 250,000 metric tonnes in 2016 from an installed capacity to produce up to 4,500 gigawatts of... Read more


    Kisumu, Kisumu County, Kenya Current Affairs 28 Jul 2017

    Water hyacinth, the aquatic weed that has invaded lake victoria.. Several artists have now found a unique way to earn a living by using the weed they harvest from the lake to make papers. The later export the cards and papers to europe and other countries. Read more

  • New Jersey Man Pays Woman for Years for Sex with her Juvenile Daughters

    Hackensack, United States of America Current Affairs 31 Jul 2017

    A 51-year-old Bergen County man believed to have paid a 44-year-old woman for repeated sexual encounters with with woman's two under-aged daughters. They have each been arrested and charged and are currently being held in the Bergen County Jail on hundreds of thousands in bail. I would like to... Read more

  • Photo of Mohamed Mahmud
    Mohamed Mahmud
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    Extreme Sports Tourism

    Nairobi, Kenya Current Affairs 01 Aug 2017

    Extreme Sports Tourism. The terror group Alshabaab has carried out numerous attacks within the Kenyan borders including the Westgate Mall attack and Garissa University. This has caused the number of tourists visiting Kenya dwindle vastly affecting the tourism of Kenya which is the backbone of its... Read more

  • Photo of Mohamed Mahmud
    Mohamed Mahmud
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    Whale Shark Tourism

    Nairobi, Kenya Science & Environment 01 Aug 2017

    Swimming with the Whale Shark. As the largest creature on earth, the whale shark is among the endangered species in the world. A whale shark trust in coastal Kenya is assisting the local fishermen who hunt the whale shark, learn the importance of conserving this largest fish. The trust is also... Read more

  • Kenya Election August year 2017

    Nairobi, Kenya Politics 12 Aug 2017

    IEBC Kenya announces the election date to be on the day of 8th of august year 2017 in Kenya, For live television reporting via mobile video backpacks and satellite news gathering with additional local logistics that we offer as a service with very competitive rates. pleas contact us via paydesk for... Read more

  • Out in the bush, providing medical care when there are no medical clinics or hospitals

    Bangui, Central African Republic Politics, Current Affairs, Health & Fitness, Medical, Cultural 17 Aug 2017

    There is a dearth of health care workers in Central African Republic. Only 18 Central Africans completed nursing school in Bangui (in part because the crisis was ongoing when they would have started but numbers are always low). So, humanitarian organizations are looking for innovative ways to get... Read more

  • Brewing In Ireland

    Tralee, Ireland Food & Drink 31 Aug 2017

    Ireland's craft brewing business is just getting on its feet. Still it is a strong one, with some great beers, along with excellent brewery tours in different parts of the country. Get the inside story from the smallest one, Burren Brewing, and see how Peter Curtin combines great beers from his... Read more

  • Hinterlands of war

    Kyiv, Kyiv city, Ukraine Business, Politics, Current Affairs, Science & Environment, Arts & Books, War Reporter, Social, Cultural 01 Sep 2017

    I am creating exclusive photo and video material for clients who are interested in covering the war in eastern Ukraine. I am based in Kyiv but make regular trips to regions close to the line of conflict. Feel free to call or email me anytime to discuss any ideas or assignments. Read more

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