Pakistan’s historic general election on July 25th

Islamabad, Pakistan Politics, Current Affairs, Research, Breaking News July 12 @ 9:10pm

Pakistan’s July 25th general election is possibly the most Shakesperean of its history.

I am covering it for several foreign outlets, and I am available for articles or phone interviews.

Nawaz Sharif, the former PM and leader of the party in power, has been condemned to 10 years imprisonment on corruption charges.
He is challenged by Imran Khan, former cricketeer turned politician, who seems to be benefitting from the army and the security agencies’ support. Journalists condemn the rigging of the election in his favor.
But a recent book written by his ex wife reveals a darker side of the character and risks derailing his campaign for good.
Amidst all this, banned terror groups are rebranding themselves as legit political parties and are fielding candidates all across the country.
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