Hope in Haiti

Indianapolis, United States of America Current Affairs, Natural Disasters February 3 @ 8:45pm

A decade ago an earthquake destroyed much of Haiti and changed millions of lives. Many stories cover the devastation and lack of improvement over the past ten years. In the town of Fondwa 16 miles (26km) from the epicenter there is a story of hope. US-based Zanmi Fondwa ("Friends of Fondwa") has committed to build 40 homes in three years, providing both physical and financial security. Using only Haitian employees and supplies, the people of Fondwa benefit from steady jobs and quake-resistant homes. Last year 16 homes were built with more than a dozen expected this year. Organizers of Zanmi Fondwa recount their love for the community, the heartbreak during and after the 2010 earthquake and what they hope to build for future Haitians.
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