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Refugees in the UK: Safe haven or hard journey?

London, United Kingdom/Bristol Current Affairs June 11 @ 10:26am


I'm writing a piece on refugee rights in the UK, quoting stories of people who have managed to safely settle here, and break the stereotype around the idea that European has had to receive so many refugees since 2015 that went through a "crisis".
I've worked in many other countries receiving way more refugees.

After meeting with a young Kurdish Syrian refugee in Bristol last week, I interviewed many other people in London this weekend:
- A Cameroonian man who is still waiting to get his asylum status,
- a 29 year-old Kurdish journalist from Istanbul who's father is also a refugee but in Germany,
-a 22 year-old Eritrean girl who came in the UK under age and who's campaigning for the refugees' right to study,
-friends of Ken Macharia, campaigning against his deportation,
-and sons of migrants who created charities to help refugees integrate.

I'd love to share their story and to make a strong point on the idea that "migration is not a crime" and that this people need our compassion and often become extremely useful to their new communities.

Today is Empathy Day in the UK and the 20 June is World Refugee Day. I can draft the piece this week.

Contact me if interested in publishing this.

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