Albanian Mystery Island Opens to Tourists

Tirana, Albania Social July 12 @ 9:10pm

Once upon a time the home of some Albanian military personnel, the island of Sazan, is nowdays becoming a great attraction for foreigners who come to Albania but also for Albanians. Hoxha, the famous dictator of Albania, had a very strategic and at the same time a crazy plan for Sazan which was to turn it into a strong fortress against the Western countries that he feared might invade the communist country. The island has long served as a military base.
The families of soldiers, admirals and generals filled the island, while infrastructure followed. But however, for the rest of Albania and Albanians, Sazan was a place of mystery. This was a very restricted area for people not related to the life on the island. In April 2017, Ministries of Defence, Economy and Tourism reached an agreement where they decided to open up the island for tourist purposes from May to October.
This place is full of secret tunnels and beautiful beaches.
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