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The Art of Smart: Siemens headquarters in Munich is one of the world's most sustainable office buildings

Munich, Germany Business April 15 @ 3:35pm

In 2017, Forbes Magazine reported that the Toronto-based research company Corporate Knights had named the German engineering company Siemens the world's most sustainable company. I would like to write an article for you about Siemens' company headquarters building in downtown Munich, inaugurated in March 2017, which is a smart-building equipped with state-of-the-art technology developed by the Siemens Building Technology Division and housed in stunning architecture by Danish architect Henning Larsen. The building was shortlisted by MIPIM, the world's most important real estate industry event, for the "Best Innovative Green Building" award. Algorithms calculated the use of space down to the last centimeter. Building materials made and transported with a minimum use of energy were chosen. Solar panels provide a third of all the electricity. Rain water flushes toilets and waters indoor plants. Thirty-thousand sensors collect data for building security and to optimize temperature and ventilation control. Here 1,200 employees are surrounded by innovations that will help Siemens reach its goal of a neutral carbon footprint for all of the company's office and industrial locations world-wide by 2030. I could write an article for you about this building, how it was made and is managed with smart technologies, and how it feels to work there.
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