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Violence against women in Brazil

Porto Alegre, Brazil Social October 9 @ 5:03pm

Description of the topic: In the last decade, Brazil has progressed in women's rights legal framework. Two examples are the Act for Women's Protection (known as "Maria da Penha") and a new law criminalising femicide (the gender-motivated killing of women). Nevertheless, the statistics show that the new legislation is not enough to control the endemic violence against women. Some data about it: every day, in Brazil, 15 women are killed and more than 500 suffer from violence motivated merely by the fact of being a woman.

What I am proposing: a report analysing why the legislation is, so far, not efficient enough to reduce these crimes, interviewing two specialists and one victim of violence against women in Brazil.

Hook: November 25 is UN's international day for the elimination of violence against women. The pitch expires 12 days before the hook because I would need that time to produce the report.

Formats: Text, with the possibility of taking pictures.
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