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Developing: Catalan Independence Crisis And The Reaction Of Madrid

Madrid, Spain Politics, Current Affairs October 31 @ 4:34pm

On Friday, 27 October, the Catalan regional parliament, led by President Carles Puigdemont declared independence from Spain and the creation of a new Catalan Republic. Just hours after, in Madrid, the Spanish Senate voted to apply Article 155 of the Constitution, which authorized the central government to suspend Catalonia's autonomy and has put the region under Madrid's direct rule. Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy, has dissolved the regional parliament and called a regional election for 21 December. Since then, now former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont has left Spain with several of his advisors and is in Brussels, planning his next move. On Monday, 30 October, Spanish State Prosecutor, Jose Manuel Maza announced formal charges against Puigdemont and other ex-members of the ousted Catalan government for rebellion, sedition and misappropriation. If they refuse to come to Madrid and answer those charges, they will be arrested facing up 30 years in prison.

I am in Madrid available for video packages and writing, covering the story on the ground as it unfolds.
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