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GREECE: Islamophobic orthodox priest spreads hate online, anti-muslim gatherings every Sunday.

Athina, Greece Current Affairs, Investigative Reporting, Social, Cultural November 8 @ 2:02pm

“We don’t want mosque not here nor at any other place in Greece. This is Orthodox land, a land of heroes,” Father Kleomenis, a 38-year-old internet sensation and vlogger, explains to us. Group of his faithfull followers gathered for another Sunday afternoon in front of the locked doors. Behind first mosque in Athens suppose to be build.

The official opening was postponed many times. In May authorities promised opening in July. Last July they announced the mosque will be ready for Muslim worshipers till end of this year.

Just few hundred meters away an Eleonas refugee camp is located. While refugees pass the street opposite from the unusual crowd, none of them seems aware of the purpose of this anti-muslim gathering.

“There is a money for mosque and for illegall migrants, so called refugees, but there is no money to feed Greeks,” Katerina Pantelidou lawyer, who represents “the local group against mosque”, tells us.

The supporters of Father Kleomenis explain to us, they will not allow mosque in Athens. Few gatherings were organised also in center of Athens some of them attended by Greek MP’s of far-right (self-proclaimed) fascist political party Golden Dawn.

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