The Tales of Saudi Female Tour Guides - Powerful Female Narraitves of Saudi Culture, Histroy And Ar

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Current Affairs, Film & Theatre, Cultural, 360 Videography November 12 @ 12:47pm

The ancient villages and venerable holy cities have been for centuries the emblem of Saudi culture and lifestyle. Since the 90s women in Saudi have been providing tours unofficially and unlicensed while mentoring young male tour guides who then get official licenses more easily.

Indeed, female tour guides are at the forefront of preservation social, cultural and environmental history of Saudi and particularly their hidden role is intimately intertwined with preserving city’s heritage. However, the all-powerful male dominated tourism sector has managed to successfully keep them out of business and diminish their potential. Many places in Saudi has, over the years , presented a one-sided view of such a male dominated narrative of culture, history and architecture.

The video story will explore how these female tour guides are operating some unlicensed with lack of mobility and yet inspiring interest in next-gen Saudis into history, preservation and heritage; the commercial reasons to corner female tour guides, how the licenses process discriminates against women; and how their voice and impact is encouraging authorities to take further action in formalizing female tour guides.

Interviewee – a volunteer tour guide in Jeddah who gave up her full time career to run a preservation and tour group where she mentors young Saudi male and female.

- The only and first female licensed Saudi tour guide in the holy city of medina. She has provided hundreds of ‘spiritual and cultural tour’ to foreign pilgrims in medina. Inspired by her father’s background in history, she decided to leave her career in education behind and serve unofficially for numerous years.
- is a veteran public sector employee, she runs a commercial tour business owing to her connections with government sector.

Location : Jeddah, Medina and outskirts of Riyadh.

Format : Video
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