Katja Lihtenvalner
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GREECE: After five years of operation the workers’ self-managed factory Viome stable on its feet

Thessaloniki, Greece Business, Investigative Reporting, Social November 23 @ 5:21am

The worker-managed factory Viome in Thessaloniki continues to be the most successful self-management experiment in Greece. It has grown into a symbol of inspiration for worker’s self-management internationally.

The story goes back to 2011 when the previous company stopped payments altogether and shortly later filed for bankruptcy, resulting in firing of its more than 70 workers. The same year in October, the general meeting of the workers’ union decided with an overwhelming majority to take control of the factory.

After long legal struggle the production started on 12th of February 2013. Today Viome produces the ecological cleaning products and soaps, which are sold via an e-shop, a retail outlet that opened in 2016 in Athens and markets without intermediaries.
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