Foundation chief lays out vision, seeks to engage public and private partners

Lusaka, Zambia Business 22 Jan 2023

By Peter Kayula
Lusaka, Zambia - January 21, 2023 - The President and Chief Executive Officer of the ClimateWorks Foundation wants to turn the community of climate funders into a record climate progress in 2023 and beyond, she said in an open letter made available, that sought to underscore philanthropy as critical to supporting humanity in accelerating climate action in all sectors.
Helen Mountford, a former vice -president of climate and economics at World Resources Institute has over 25 years of global experience at the intersection of environmental action, economic development, and climate policy.
Her letter which marks her first anniversary as president and CEO of ClimateWorks is clearly aimed at getting the engines revved up for the New Year.
“With a new year comes new urgency and great promise for climate progress. This month marks my first anniversary as president and CEO of ClimateWorks. I feel honored to be part of this incredibly engaged, diverse, and expanding community of climate funders and grantees working together to drive ambitious climate action,” she writes.
While global economic uncertainty and the pressure to act on climate will exacerbate in 2023, she is very optimistic about what her foundation can achieve this year by working together to engage with public and private partners and chart a more sustainable future.
“I’m optimistic about what we can achieve this year by working together to engage with public and private partners and chart a more equitable and sustainable future.”

Supported by an expanded and newly engaged leadership, comprising Illyasha (Illy) Peete as chief of equity, justice, and culture; Michael Bosse as deputy vice-president of programmes and Shelagh Whitley as senior director, sustainable finance, Helen is primed to tap into their deep experience to ensure the foundation continue to deliver on its mission.
Peter Kayula is a journalist, author and part-time university lecturer based in Lusaka Zambia. He has 15 years of media experience and he is the co-founder of The Cross Border Magazine, A pan-African publication established in 2016. He published his first book Rumour of An Angel under the Amazon books in 2017, followed by another classic Trade, Investment and African Society a year later in2018. He is also the 2021 International Centre for Journalists knight International Journalism (ICFJ) Award nominee.
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