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Barcelona, Spain Current Affairs April 30 @ 9:47am

Hello, I'm a freelance journalist based in Barcelona available to report on coronavirus or other topics for international media.
If would like to pitch here some story ideas in case you are interested.

-Manufacturing coffins against the clock
Catalan coffin factories are multiplying the production of coffins by three. Coronavirus pandemic has not only changed funeral rites -eliminating funerals- but it has also taken its toll on customs. Relatives of the deceased are now choosing increasingly cheap coffins as the number of funeral services skyrockets.
The largest coffin company in Catalonia has gone from manufacturing 50 coffins every day to building 150. And it has run out of hardly any stock.

-Coronavirus restrictions jeopardize fruit campaign
These days the season of fruit campaign has to start and national authorities are afraid of a "collapse" of the Catalan countryside if the 40,000 seasonal workers they need cannot reach Catalonia due to coronavirus lockdown. Large part of the seasonal workers are immigrants who arrive each year as cross-border workers to Catalonia from countries of the European Union such as Romania and Bulgaria, as well as from other areas such as North Africa and Latin America.

-Religious gatherings without people in Montserrat:
Montserrat, spiritual and earthly center of Catalonia. Coronavirus has also reached the most sacred place, and masses are only televised (like Easter Sunday), without anyone attending in person. Only the community, the benedictines. The report aims to see how are holy events lived nowadays in this unusual situation.
You can see some pictures here:
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