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High economic hopes for Zimbabwe as new governemnt scraps 'draconian' indegenization law

Harare, Zimbabwe Current Affairs December 7 @ 4:09pm

Following the demise of former President Robert Mugabe ,the new governemnt led by Emmerson Mnangagwa has scrapped the indeginization law which compelled investors to cede 51% of shares to indegenous blacks.This draconian law resulted in investors shunning Zimbabwe as a investment destination resulting in low Foreign Direct Investments Inflows(FDIs) compared to other countries in Southern Africa.
This led to massive unemployment rate hovering about 90% resulting in serious poverty levels in the country.The feature story needs to highlight how the scrapping of such a law will boast investor confidence in the country as well as tracing the vast economic opportunities ranging from minning ,farming,tourism etc .
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