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Will the new Political dispensaton in Zimbabwe result in the return of former commercial White farm

Harare, Zimbabwe Politics December 7 @ 6:06pm

Before the chaotic land reform program spearheaded by former President Robert Mugabe in 2000,there were close to 4000 white commercial farmers in Zimbabwe but those figures have drastically fallen to less than 500 according to figures from the Commercial Farmers Union(CFU) a body that represents commercial farmers in the country. .
However the fall of Robert Mugabe from power after 37 years in power and the coming in of a new governement led by Emmerson Mnangagwa has brought in new hopes for economic revival as well as compensation for white farmers who lost their farms .Rcently one commercial farmer who had been forcibly kicked out by a Mugabe ally Darryn Smart of Lesbury Estate following an order from the new President.Hence this feature will trace affected farmers both locally and abroad and gather their thoughts given the sudden change of political events in Zimbabwe.
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