Thurea Mwadzaya
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Mombasa, Kenya Health & Fitness December 17 @ 10:59am

A 54 year old man uses physiotherapy to heal disabled child .Through exercises ranging from walking ,enhancing good sitting positions .

Peter has enabled more than 5 disabled children who were admitted at a disabled hospital in portrieze in Mombasa where the mother had to discharge them as they were not healing.
This skill enables the bones to straighten and proper body mechanism of the child continues enabling the child to walk again,use his senses.

The story inspire mothers to have more patience and make them learn that giving birth to a child in that condition can be rectified using exercises.

It also gives hope to the children that are are in that condition to help them know that someone cares as man parents keep them indoors and end up missing opportunities that wold heal them for instance a walk in the sun and getting fresh air helps the situation.
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