The death of Lavender - Xylella - How it will could change the English garden.

Littlehampton, United Kingdom Science & Environment January 8 @ 1:57pm

Xylella (Xylella fastidiosa)

The science
Xylella fastidiosa (X. fastidiosa) is a bacterium which causes disease in a wide range of woody commercial plants such as grapevine, citrus and olive plants, several species of broadleaf trees widely grown in the UK, and many herbaceous plants.

The threat
Xylella fastidiosa affects its host plants by invading their water-conducting systems, moving both upstream and downstream. In so doing, it restricts or blocks the movement of water and nutrients through the plant, with serious consequences, including death, for some host plants. Although X. fastidiosa is not known to be present in the UK, there is a heightened risk of its being accidentally introduced since it was discovered in Italy in 2013 and Corsica and mainland France in 2015.
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