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The story of Calcutta Rescue will resonate with readers who (appreciate that a sincerely well-intentioned non-governmental organization can work wonders when given the opportunity and when its organizers have unparalleled determination.
Calcutta Rescue has operated in Kolkata and parts of rural West Bengal India for over three decades, providing free medical care, education and development to the poorest and most disadvantaged people of those areas irrespective of gender, age, caste, or religion. Although India is a rising power today, the harsh reality of poverty and deprivation cannot be ignored. In Kolkata and areas of rural West Bengal, almost 4 million people live below the poverty line and some 2.5 million people live on the streets and slums scattered across the city. Thus, Calcutta Rescue was established to meet the most basic needs of these poor and downtrodden individuals. Patients come to Calcutta Rescue to obtain treatment for cancer, aplastic anemia, thalassemia, neurological disorders, tuberculosis, multi – drug resistant tuberculosis, thyroid disorder, Wilson’s disease, respiratory disorder, diabetes, cardiac problems, rheumatology and renal failure. Medicines not provided by government hospitals are supplied free to eligible patients. Calcutta Rescue also recognizes education as a key to improve the future and the socio–economic conditions of the poorer sections of the society - the schools of Calcutta Rescue help underprivileged children by providing educational facilities.
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