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The Cafe Run By Acid Attack Victims

Noida, India Cultural 23 Jan 2023

Sheroes Hangout Cafe in collaboration with Nodia authorities have set up two kiosks with an aim of providing employment to acid attack victims of India in order to support, strengthen and create mass awareness against acid violence in the country.

Acid attack survivors have a difficult time even being accepted in society and their trauma is made more difficult to endure by a culture that restricts their development. The units or kiosks have gained popularity among foreign tourists who visit India from countries like Germany, France, Israel and Turkey.

The visitors initially found the staff of the kiosks strange but once the ladies narrated their story the people, especially tourists, lauded their efforts and extended their support. The kiosks visitors also got inspiration from the acid attack victims of not looking back and chasing dreams in whatever condition one may be in.
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