Yasser Abu Wazna
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In his seventies, the last Gazan handloom weaver strives to preserve the profession of his ancestors from extinction as cheaper imported carpets from Turkey, Iran and China spread. It’s not only his sole source of income, but also a matter of pride legacy. Loyal admirers who prefer local handmade carpets over imported carpets do their best to help this handicraft survive.

This story is going to be told through two characters: the weaver as the main character, and the customer as a secondary one. Storyline will go through the following:
• In the old shop:
o carpets with traditional colored patterns exposed
o wool balls and weaving tools spread in the place
o threads tightened over wooden manual looms
o the character and his assistants spin wool into handmade carpet
o customers check patterns and order/buy some pieces
• In a client’s house:
o Handmade carpets proudly exposed at guest room
• In local market:
o imported carpets hanged in front and inside carpet shops
o customers there are apparently much more than those in handmade carpet workshop.

• other related scenes
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