Perfect storm: Venezuelan crisis meets a struggling peace process and instability in Colombia

Bucaramanga, Colombia Breaking News March 8 @ 4:48pm

In Colombia, progressive politicians are trying to pick up the pieces of the 2016 peace accord that ended over 50 years of armed violence. The treaty has been under attack since right-wing President, Ivan Duque, stepped into power in 2018. Meanwhile, Venezuela is descending into political and economic chaos. Many political experts worry about a potential US military intervention in a region so unstable. At the center of this tragedy are millions of Venezuelan refugees arriving in Colombia to join the country's internally displaced population, the largest in the world after Syria. I am based in Bucaramanga, Colombia, a city close to the border with Venezuela where close to 400 Venezuelan refugees are arriving every day by foot or by hitchhiking. I plan to cover the unfolding humanitarian crisis by speaking to local authorities, refugees and NGOs.
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