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Uganda at crossroads over banning old cars

Kampala, Uganda Business June 11 @ 3:09pm

Uganda is in advanced stages of passing a law that will ban importation of cars older than eight years from the date of manufacturing

Government says it wants to protect the environment and boost the local automobile industry but importers are cautioning government against the decision

Uganda imports more than 4,000 cars a year, with more than 80% of these being ten years old and beyond. Most of the used cars are imported from Japan where some automobiles go for less that $1000 before shipping and tax

While used cars have given chance to many Ugandans to own cars at relatively cheaper prices, government says the country is paying a heavy price on their impact on the environment

But car importers argue that in a country where the public transport system faces limited investment, used cars have played a big role in easing movement and that banning them will reverse progress made especially to the majority Ugandans who cannot afford new cars.

We find out in this 3minute piece what the law is about, what it means to Ugandans and particularly the business community. We'll speak to government, car owners, importers and local manufacturers
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