Topic: Kola nut (Ojí) as a symbol of Igbo peace & solidarity.

Kano, Nigeria Cultural October 5 @ 12:36pm

Topic: Kola nut (Ojí) as a symbol of Igbo peace & solidarity.

Kola nut symbolizes love and acceptance in Igbo land. By extension the Igbos are the lovers of wisdom and their bothers keeper. This explain why, they hold their visitors at very high esteem. He who brings kola brings life (Onye wetara ojíí wetara ndú).
Kola nut signifies purity and any time function is done with the breaking of Kola nut (ojí) that function is purified.
Do You Know ........ that the Yorubas produce Kola nut, the Hausas consumes it but the Igbos give it spiritual important.

Kola nut is used in Igbo land as a symbol of peace, love, appreciation, communication between the people and the gods. Kola nut cements the relationship between people with different cultures. That is why Igbo will say that Kola nut does not go round, only when the nail is not sharp or “if kola nut does not go round when shared then there are no finger nails to break it up to the required number”.

Finally, kola nut as a sign of Igbo philosophy and solidarity can not be overemphasized.

This one of my research work (I just summarize it here) Kate Onah.
Igbo amaka
one of my research work.
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